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Ram's Horn Willow

Ram's Horn Willow

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The Ram's Horn Willow, known scientifically as Salix babylonica 'Crispa', is a unique and intriguing variety of willow. This deciduous shrub is renowned for its distinctive foliage, which is tightly curled and spiraled, resembling the horns of a ram. The fascinating form of this plant makes it a standout addition to any garden, appealing to collectors and landscape designers alike for its unusual texture and visual interest.

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Salix babylonica 'Crispa'
  • Common Name: Ram's Horn Willow
  • Growing Zones: Zone 5 and above
  • Mature Size: Can mature to 30 feet tall, but size can be controlled through pruning, it will grow up to 9 ft a year, if pruned back regularly
  • Leaf Characteristics: Unusually twisted, spiraled mid-green leaves, sickle-shaped and curled around the stems
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun

Growing Specifics

  • Soil Preference: Ram's Horn Willow prefers moist soil conditions and is tolerant of wet soils.
  • Water Requirements: Regular watering to maintain consistent soil moisture.
  • Pruning and Maintenance: The plant is quite vigorous and can reach a considerable height over time. However, it can be kept at any desired size with appropriate pruning.
  • Landscape Uses: Due to its unique appearance, it's perfect as a specimen plant in gardens, especially in areas where its height and structure can be appreciated.
  • Special Attributes: The plant's fascinating leaf structure makes it an object of interest for garden enthusiasts and landscape designers.

The Ram's Horn Willow is a remarkable plant that offers both aesthetic appeal and an interesting topic of conversation for any garden setting. Its distinctive curled leaves and potential for impressive height make it a compelling choice for gardeners looking to add a unique element to their landscapes.

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