Collection: Strawberries

At the Farm on Central, we're celebrated for our outstanding strawberries, drawing over 3,500 visitors yearly. Our quest for superior berries involves rigorous testing of new varieties, focusing on flavor, yield, and disease resistance. This commitment ensures we always offer the best in taste and quality.

Our selection of strawberry plants caters to both seasoned gardeners and novices, offering bare-root and rooted options for various growing preferences. Our bare-root plants are perfect for establishing a new patch with hardy, ready-to-plant selections available in early spring or midsummer, while our rooted plants, available in spring for everbearing varieties and September-October for annual bed system varieties, offer a quicker establishment with their well-developed root systems. 

We support three main strawberry-growing systems:

Annual System for those preferring to replant each year for an earlier harvest and high berry quality.

Matted Row System, ideal for creating a long-term strawberry patch with a full year's patience before harvest.

Everbearing System, which offers multiple harvests throughout the season for continuous enjoyment.

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Note to Our Customers:

Organic strawberry plants are often a challenge to source in small quantities, and not all websites that claim to offer organic plants live up to their promises. We encourage you to read each variety's specific information carefully. Our bare-root plants are conventionally grown, while our plugs are nurtured right here on the farm using organic soil and care methods from conventionally sourced plant material.