Willows- for beauty, pollinaters, baskets and more!

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Bundles and Collections

Get your cuttings and perrenial starts!

Elderberry Cuttings

Elderberry are "the medicine chest of the people" We carry a wide varieity of cultivars that will thrive from Maine to Florida! Produced by the Farm on Central or by our partner farm Hilltop Roots farm a few miles away.

NOTE: these won't ship till end of January.

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Fire Ciders

Looking for a natural way to boost your immune system and prevent colds? Fire cider may be just the tonic you need! Made with apple cider vinegar, ginger, horseradish, and other spices, this spicy drink is claimed to improve blood circulation and digestion, as well as help fight off sickness. Give it a try today!

OH Fire Cider is produced by the farm on central. The name is first becuase 80%+ is grown by the Farm on Central, and second, becuase you'll say "OH" when you take itI!

We'll all about radical transparency with the batch code written on each bottle allowing you to go to our website and track specific ingredients and more!

Tubers and Roots

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Other Perennial Roots

Comfrey and some fun other perennials we have enjoyed!