About the Farm

We started offering our line of plant starts, cuttings, and tubers when we had a hard time sourcing the quality and specific types we wanted for our farm, The Farm on Central located in Southwest Ohio.

We love growing nutrient dense, safe food for our community. It's important to us that we eat what we grow, so that means we grow our food without harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. To make sure our fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and transplants are as good as they can be, we use compost, rock dusts, and prebiotics to fuel the soil, encourage beneficial insects, bees, and earthworm habitat, and work with nature to produce the best food possible!

Michael's love affair with growing food started at a young age, and he and his brother started Kilpatrick Family Farm in upstate NY in 2003. He ran that until 2015 when after marrying Savannah, she wanted to be near her family in Ohio to raise their kids. Savannah is passionate about toxin-free living and raising Charlotte (6), Simon (4) and baby #3 on the way. The farm on Central was started in the summer of 2020 to bring fresh foods and vegetables to the southern Ohio region.

Michael's other business is Growing Farmers, an online education company that empowers farmers to build sustainable, profitable farming systems. Farm on Central acts as a testing, research & development and educational training farm for the company.