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Sorrel Crowns

Sorrel Crowns

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Farm On Central Sorrel  Crowns

Product Description:

Sorrel, scientifically known as Rumex acetosa, is a versatile and tangy herb that carries a rich heritage as a beloved ingredient in global cuisines and traditional remedies. Historically recognized for its health benefits, including being a spring tonic, a remedy for diarrhea, a mild diuretic, and a soothing agent for irritated nasal passages, Sorrel's culinary use is equally noteworthy.

Before the introduction of citrus in Europe, Sorrel was the go-to herb for imparting a sour flavor in dishes during the Middle Ages. Its culinary journey spans continents, highlighting its versatility in a myriad of traditional dishes across Europe including borscht, spanakopita, meatballs, and even curries.

Grown using organic methods, these crowns give you a head start on a large, rubust plant for your garden or perennial beds. The plant is approximately 18-24" tall and will grow well in full sun to partial shade. 

Key Features:

  • Grown using organic methods: Our Sorrel root crowns are cultivated with utmost care, avoiding any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, ensuring your harvest is as natural as it can be.
  • Early Spring Green: Celebrated as one of the first plants to sprout in spring, Sorrel offers a refreshing, tangy flavor after the long winter months.
  • Healthful and Nutritious: Packed with vitamins A and C, along with essential minerals like potassium and magnesium, Sorrel is more than just a culinary herb—it's a boost to your daily nutrition.
  • Hardy and Perennial: Sorrel is incredibly resilient and can withstand diverse climates and soil conditions. Once established, it regrows each spring, promising a bountiful harvest year after year.

Growing Information:

  • Planting: Set the root crowns in the ground in early spring, choosing a spot with full sun to partial shade exposure.
  • Soil: Optimal growth is seen in well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8, though Sorrel is quite adaptable to various soil types.
  • Spacing: Ensure each crown is planted about 12-18 inches apart to allow ample space for growth.
  • Watering: Maintain consistent soil moisture, especially in dry periods, to promote lush, tender leaves. Mulch with woodchips or straw for less weeding and watering.
  • Harvesting: Begin harvesting the young leaves 6-8 weeks after planting. Regular picking before flowering ensures the leaves remain tender and less bitter.

Health Benefits:

  • Nutrient-Rich: Sorrel is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Its high vitamin C content boosts immunity and skin health, while vitamin A supports vision and cellular growth.
  • Digestive Health: The fiber in Sorrel aids in digestion and contributes to a healthy gut.
  • Heart Health: The potassium in Sorrel can help manage blood pressure levels, supporting overall heart health.

Culinary Tips:

  • Refreshing Salads: Add young Sorrel leaves to salads for a refreshing, citrusy twist.
  • Flavorful Soups and Sauces: Use Sorrel to infuse a lemony zest into creamy soups or sauces, elevating their flavor profile.
  • Hearty Cooking: Cook mature Sorrel leaves with butter, salt, and pepper for a simple, yet richly flavored side dish.

Non-GMO Commitment: At Growing Farmers and The Farm on Central, all our plants are guaranteed non-GMO and not genetically modified in any way, upholding natural breeding methods and promoting sustainable gardening and farming practices.

Growing Method: Grown using organic and regenerative principles at the Farm on Central in Southwest Ohio

Ships as a bare-root Crown

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda Turner
Healthy Starts!

We have had 100% success with our sorrel crowns. They started growing immediately. We planted on 4/7/24 and have already sampled a few young leaves after just two weeks! They are delicious and we can't wait for the plants to mature so we can harvest regularly.

Hey there, Amanda!
Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Sorrel Crowns! We are so happy to hear that they are growing well and providing tasty leaves for you to enjoy. Keep up the great work and happy harvesting!

Dawna Parazoo
Huge roots

There is huge roots on the crowns and there is green leaves starting at the top. Look very healthy and ready to go!