Collection: Eggplant

eggplants are enjoyed as a vegetarian staple in many cuisines.  From selecting the finest non-GMO seeds to employing organic farming practices, we take every step to promote the well-being of your plants.  We grow in compost based mix, apply a wide range of prebiotics and inoculants, and harden them off before selling them. And the care we use shows. We've developed a cult following for our plants, with folks coming back year after year because our seedlings establish quickly, grow faster and yield more than others' do.

Easy Care for Peppers & Eggplant

To get started, plant your eggplant in fertile, well-drained soil in late spring/early summer when the weather has settled, warm with no danger of temps under 50.  Choose a spot with plenty of sunlight—at least 6 hours a day. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Support your growing plants with stakes or cages to prevent breakage and keep fruits up off the ground. Pinch off early flowers to promote stronger root and stem growth, so the plants focus their energy on growing first, as a larger plant will produce more fruit. You may need to provide protection during extreme heat or cold spells.

 Space 18” apart in rows 30-36” apart.  Use row cover on new transplants and plentiful application of diatomaceous earth for larger plants, to control flea beetles. Don’t over-fertilize which will result in large plants that only fruit once. Clip fruit stems with shears to avoid breakage, and harvest often to encourage ongoing production.