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Hazel Sourdough Starter (Gluten-Free)

Hazel Sourdough Starter (Gluten-Free)

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Meet Hazel, our gluten-free dehydrated starter, which bubbles along here at The Farm on Central in Savannah’s Kitchen. While she encapsulates the essence of traditional sourdough, Hazel also stands as a testament to our love for gluten-free baking. Expertly crafted and honed over time, our starter elevates your gluten-free baking pursuits. Additionally, there’s ample starter in each pack for you and a friend.

NOTE: While Hazel is a gluten-free sourdough starter, please be aware that she is managed and nurtured in a kitchen where gluten is present.*

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Key Features:

  • Double Serving: Each Hazel starter pack is generous enough for you and a friend. Share the joy of gluten-free sourdough by offering a starter to a loved one, or save an extra "just in case."

  • Vigorous: Hazel is dried when most active, ensuring a swift revival.

  • Easy to Care For: Hazel is resilient, and thrives in various settings.

  • Diverse Culinary Applications: Hazel isn’t just for bread; experiment with pancakes, waffles, and more, unveiling a spectrum of gluten-free sourdough delights.

  • 100% Natural: Zero synthetic additives. Hazel is a pristine mix of gluten-free flours and water, brimming with beneficial wild yeasts and bacteria.

  • Earth-Friendly Packaging: Staying true to our ethos, Hazel’s packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

Baking with Hazel:

Your creations will gain that unique sourdough flavor and texture no matter what you're baking up. 

Care Instructions:

Maintain Hazel at room temp if you bake often. Planning a baking hiatus? Simply stow her in the refrigerator. Nourish your starter whenever you need a refill or before your next round of baking. 

Embark with Hazel:

No ambiguity here. Each Hazel pack comes with exhaustive guidelines and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. 

🍯 Starter Jar - The Ultimate Gluten-Free Sourdough Accomplice

Who knew a surplus of pickle jars could be so handy? This jar has quickly become indispensable in our kitchen, accommodating our assortment of sourdough starters. Its elegant design is not only fridge-compatible but chic enough for a permanent countertop spot. Augment your gluten-free sourdough experience with this impeccable blend of utility and style! Consider getting a pair if you manage multiple starters, like whole-wheat ones. This is a 16 oz glass jar with a metal twist-close lid.


*Gluten-Free Disclaimer:

While Hazel is a gluten-free sourdough starter, please be aware that she is managed and nurtured in a kitchen where gluten is present. We take precautions to minimize cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee that Hazel is 100% free from trace amounts of gluten. If you have severe gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, please consider this information before using Hazel in your baking.

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