Collection: Peppers

Pepper plants, with their vibrant colors and diverse flavors, are a must-have for any home garden or culinary enthusiast. Our collection at The Farm on Central features a wide range of pepper plants ranging from sweet bell peppers to fiery hot chilies. Each plant is carefully selected based on our personal success with them, ensuring that we offer varieties that have thrived in our area and will do well in yours too.

We aim to help your garden thrive! 
From selecting the finest non-GMO seeds to employing organic farming practices, we take every step to promote the well-being of your plants.  We grow in compost based mix, apply a wide range of prebiotics and inoculants, and harden them off before selling them. And the care we use shows. We’ve developed a cult following for our healthy, vigorous seedlings, with folks coming back year after year because ours establish quickly, grow faster and yield more than others' plants.

Easy Care for Bountiful Peppers

Peppers produce well for both seasoned gardeners and novices. To get started, plant your peppers after the last frost date, in a spot with plenty of sunlight—at least 6 hours a day. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Support your growing pepper plant with stakes or cages to prevent breakage and keep fruits up off the ground. Pinch off early flowers to promote stronger root and stem growth, so the plants focus their energy on growing first, as a larger plant will produce more fruit. Regularly fertilize your pepper plants with a balanced organic fertilizer, following package instructions for application rates and timing. You may need to provide additional protection during extreme heat or cold spells. With attentive care and patience, home gardeners can enjoy a plentiful harvest of flavorful peppers, perfect for adding a fresh kick to a variety of dishes or preserving for future culinary adventures. For more detailed guidance, grab your detailed care guide when you pick up your plants.