Collection: Willow Cuttings

Willows indeed are a remarkable and multi-faceted genus of trees and shrubs, bringing a wealth of benefits to any landscape they're part of. Their versatility and value extend across aesthetic, ecological, practical, and medicinal dimensions, making them a cornerstone species in sustainable and regenerative practices. Read our blog post for more info.

Make sure to carefully read the descriptions of the varieties, some get big, some small, and all have unique characteristics. If you want to have fun pussy willows, we recommend at least two varieties to give you a bit of variation. Some grow well in some climates, and some don't, so its good to try a few and see what works for you. 


Yes, it's cheaper to buy larger quantities. We've had great success selling rooted cuttings on Facebook marketplace, to local gardening clubs, or even at our market stand!! So buy a bunch, and sell what you don't want!