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Koriyanagi "Rubykins"

Koriyanagi "Rubykins"

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The Koriyanagi Rubykins Willow, or Salix koriyanagi 'Rubykins', is a captivating deciduous shrub that adds a splash of color and unique beauty to any garden. This compact and slow-growing willow is known for its stunning early spring display of bright red catkins and attractive bluish-green foliage, making it a delightful addition throughout the growing season.

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Salix koriyanagi 'Rubykins'
  • Common Name: Rubykins Korean Willow
  • Growing Zones: 5 to 8
  • Mature Size: 4 to 6 feet in height and spread
  • Foliage: Narrow, linear, bluish-green leaves
  • Catkin Color: Small gray catkins, one of the earliest
  • Branch Color: Yellow/green in winter
  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade to full sun

Growing Specifics

  • Soil Preferences: Thrives in cool, consistently moist, well-drained soils. Adaptable to medium to wet soil conditions.
  • Water Requirements: Prefers regular watering to maintain soil moisture.
  • Pruning and Maintenance: Coppace each year to keep stems suited for floral arrangements.
  • Landscape Uses: Ideal for rain gardens and moist areas of the landscape. Also great for adding winter interest and as a source of cut flowers.
  • Wildlife Attraction and Resistance: Attracts bees and is deer resistant.
  • Special Notes: While resistant to deer, it is susceptible to common willow diseases and pests. Offers year-round interest with seasonal foliage and stem color changes.

The Rubykins Korean Willow is a perfect choice for gardeners looking to add both color and unique form to their outdoor spaces, providing interest across multiple seasons

NOTE: Rooted cuttings are shipped later in the spring. 

This is a really beautiful willow!

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