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White or Green Turmeric (For Seed and Culinary)

White or Green Turmeric (For Seed and Culinary)

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Green Turmeric is a remarkable plant known for its vigorous growth and robust characteristics. This unique variant of turmeric is characterized by its rapid germination, ensuring a swift emergence from the soil. The plant proudly displays a substantial-top, with a large, central mother rhizome and smaller hands

One of the standout features of Green Turmeric is its resilience. It has shown a notable resistance to pests and diseases, outperforming regular turmeric in this regard. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for growers seeking a hardy, low-maintenance crop.

In addition to its agricultural benefits, White Turmeric also holds significant culinary and medicinal value. It possesses a distinct aroma and flavor, different from regular turmeric, adding a unique touch to various dishes. 

Overall, Green Turmeric is a versatile and valuable plant, offering a blend of agricultural robustness, culinary diversity, and medicinal benefits. Its ability to thrive with minimal care makes it a preferred choice for both amateur and professional cultivators

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NOTE: this is a pre-order item and won't ship till Late February or Early March- Our goal is to get it to you without freezing! if you need other accommodations, please reach out directly to us or put a comment with your order. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tonya Ratte
White/green tumeric

Excellent stock. Healthy, plump tubers. Will definitely purchase again!

Hey there, Tonya! Thank you for your kind words about our White/Green Turmeric! We're glad to hear that you're happy with your purchase and we appreciate your support. Happy gardening!

Quick beginners

I was surprised at how fast the green/white turmeric has sprouted! Eagerly waiting as they grow bigger and produce the end product.

Hi there! Thank you for the positive feedback! We're so glad to hear that your green/white turmeric is sprouting quickly. We hope you continue to enjoy watching them grow and look forward to seeing the end product. Happy gardening!