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Turmeric (For Seed and Culinary)

Turmeric (For Seed and Culinary)

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Turmeric is a high-demand, warm-season crop. Does best in tunnel zone 7 and colder. Get our growing tips at This would be considered a red turmeric.

We sell in several ways:

1. Tubers from our farm or one of our US Grown, Certified Oganic suppliers. LARGE, DEEP orange roots. Will give a great crop.

2. Plants- These are a separate product now, Go HERE

3. Overwintered mothers: These are dug from the greenhouse and should grow a bit faster (higher overall yield) than dried tubers. Our plan is to drop these into 6" pots, let germinate in a warm greenhouse, and pot out in Late May.

Turmeric can take a while to germinate, we recommend damp peat moss and temperatures of 70-80 degrees.


We start shipping End of February based on your weather and climate. Please let us know if you want shipment earlier and we can see what we can do. Early shipping may incur additional charges. We usually ship USPS ground, but may ship UPS if you desire.

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Customer Reviews

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Lois Foley

Thank you for your prompt service. I have planted some of it in pots and I’m waiting for it to sprout. It looks great, though!

Hi there, Lois!
Thank you for your kind words! We're happy to hear that you're satisfied with our service and that you've planted some of our turmeric seeds. We hope they sprout soon and add a lovely touch to your culinary creations. Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. Happy gardening!

lacy stewart
Great quality

Ive ordered from a couple of sites before and the quality of this turmeric far exceeded my expectations. Each piece was in great shape. Ready for th efridge for eating but I will be growing it. I put it in trays to presprout and the buds are already beginning to swell.

Julie Barrett
Beautiful Turmeric Tubers

Quick shipping
Beautiful fat unblemished tubers
Packed with care
What’s not to love ❤️