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Tomato, San Marzano II

Tomato, San Marzano II

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High-quality strain of this classic heirloom paste tomato.

San Marzano is considered one of the best paste tomatoes of all time, with old-world look and taste. Whole 4–6 oz. tomatoes peel easily and cook down quickly.

  • Indeterminate
  • Annual
  • 72"-96" tall
  • Full Sun

Shipping Live Plants

Live plants, particularly annual vegetables, can be quite delicate. To ensure their safe arrival in optimal condition, we take several precautionary measures:

  1. Rigorous hardening off process: We prepare the plants to be resilient enough for their journey by gradually acclimating them to outdoor conditions.

  2. Application of organic prebiotics and supplements: We treat plants with natural products to enhance their health and vigor before they make the journey.

  3. Development of a strong root system: We prioritize cultivating a robust root system so the plants can quickly adapt and flourish upon arrival.

  4. Custom packing materials: We use specially designed packing materials to secure and protect the plants during transit, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring they arrive in the best possible condition.

Our live plants are sold in 3-inch pots and can be shipped to all US states, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington state. We utilize Priority Mail for shipping to ensure a speedy delivery and ship only on Mondays to ensure no plants languish in mailrooms over the weekend. 

While you can order whatever your desired quantity of plants is, our packaging is for plants in sets of 3. Thus, flat rate shipping is in multiples of 3, starting with 1-3 plants for $14. The shipping cost will auto-populate at checkout.  

Picture from Johnnys Selected Seeds, used with Permission

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Donna Swanson

Tomato, San Marzano II