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Fenway Red Potato: A New England Favorite with Rich Heritage

Fenway Red Potato: A New England Favorite with Rich Heritage

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The Fenway Red potato is a mid-season variety that has quickly become a favorite in New England. Known for its distinctive deep and rich red skin contrasting beautifully with its white flesh, Fenway Red is versatile in the kitchen and suitable for a wide array of cooking methods.

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Mid-Season Potato
  • Skin Color: Deep and Rich Red
  • Ease of Growing: Easy to Moderate
  • Growing Method: Certified Organic Seed
  • Flesh Color: White
  • Maturity: Medium early, about mid-season
  • Yield: High, with consistent yields, you should harvest 1/lb planted to 5-15/lb harvested
  • Planting Rate: Usually 5-8 seed pieces per lb, space 8" to 12" apart in row
  • Cooking Qualities: Excellent for boiling, mashing, roasting, and baking, offering a firm, velvety texture

    Key Characteristics:

    • Appearance: Medium to large round tubers, characterized by a beautiful deep red skin and contrasting white flesh, offering good uniformity.
    • Culinary Flexibility: This all-purpose variety is excellent for a variety of cooking techniques including boiling, mashing, roasting, and baking. It is known for its firm, velvety texture that holds up well to heat, making it ideal for pan-frying, as well as being included in stew and chowder recipes.
    • Yield and Adaptability: Fenway Red is a high-yielding variety and stores well, maintaining its red skin throughout the storage period. It is widely adapted, though its skin set can take time depending on cultural practices and soil types.

    History and Development:

    • Breeding and Origin: The Fenway Red potato was developed by HZPC and introduced in 2016. Its parentage includes Parella and Dakota Rose, combining to create this unique variety.
    • Growth and Popularity: Originally Grown and introduced in Fryeburg, Maine, by Green Thumb Farms, Fenway Red has gained popularity, particularly in the New England region.

    Agronomic Features:

    • Disease Resistance: This variety shows high resistance to tuber blight and tobacco rattle virus, and little potato disorder. It also exhibits high resistance to powdery scab and medium resistance to common scab, as well as high resistance to PVY^NTN tuber symptoms.

    Fenway Red potatoes are an excellent choice for both commercial cultivation and home gardening, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal, culinary versatility, and robust agronomic qualities. Its ability to adapt to different cooking methods makes it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

    Non-GMO Commitment: At Growing Farmers and The Farm on Central, all our plants are guaranteed non-GMO and not genetically modified in any way, upholding natural breeding methods and promoting sustainable gardening and farming practices.

    Growing method: Certified Organic Certified Seed Potatoes

    Seed potatoes are dirty when they arrive, do not wash.

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