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Cold Climate Elderberry Bundle

Cold Climate Elderberry Bundle

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A mix of Adams and Ranch. These are two varieties that have done better in colder, as cold as zone 3 conditions. Please refer to our elderberry variety sheet for additional varieties that thrive in chilly conditions.
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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Miller
Elderberry starts

We haven’t had them for more than a week or so, but the elderberry starts have been doing great. They were shipped quickly & just in time for them to be put in the ground before it started to warm up. Thanks so much!

Rebecca K
Cold Weather Elderberry Bundle

While it's only been a couple of weeks since I received my elderberry starts, I planted them within days into pots until I can get my location selected and prepared. I ordered the Cold Weather Bundle consisting of 3 Ranch and 3 Adams varieties. All 6 starts are putting out new growth. Growth has been slow due to a lot of cold and cloudy weather in Central Illinois this spring. But, so far so good! I'm pleased with my purchase. I'm excited for the next steps to see how they flourish!

Rebecca Benton
Having a slight struggle

My elderberry slips arrived in good condition. I did have to plant them in pots indoor under grow lights for now as our ground is still a little frozen. The Ranch ones are leafing out nicely, however the Adam ones are struggling and I'm not sure they are going to make it - zero growth and the little leaf buds are starting to look pretty dry. This makes me sad as I know I need two varieties to cross-pollinate. Hopefully they'll make a turnaround. I wonder if they were trimmed from the mother bushes too early?

Deborah VanWyck
Cold climate elderberry

I’m happy to report that all of my elderberry starters are doing wonderful. I had my order in just days. I had to store them in the refrigerator for 2 days until I had time to plant. They have been in the ground for more than a week and they all look like they are going to be fine. I couldn’t be happier with Growing Farmers and am excited for the years to come and the fruit they are going to produce!

Rachel Saville
Great experience

These shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. I appreciated the clear directions for planting and so far they have all taken root.