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This sweet varietal ripens early and is one of the tallest. As one of the oldest varietals hailing from New York, these tall plants produce luscious clusters of berries, dark in color and high yielding. Indeterminate


Elderberries are semi self-fertile, but for higher yields, it is advisable to plant multiple varieties.


Please see the photos for bundle sizes and examples of what you get.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie Barrett
Hefty Stock

The cuttings are good size, arrived quickly, and are rooting nicely. Thanks for a great service to offer a source of cuttings.

Debra Byler
healthy, hearty cuttings

So very happy with these cuttings. I chose to root them in water on the windowsill and they are all growing leaves and starting to grow roots. Would order from Michael again if I needed more.

Siobhan Kelly
Healthy cuttings

Cuttings look great! Thank you!

Lynette Stewart
My Adventure in trying to grow Elderberry

Well not much to report at this time. Received my 3 cuttings in a timely manner. Watched two videos on YouTube on how to get my cuttings to bud out and take root. Decided to try getting the cuttings to root in vermiculite and perlite, which is where I am right now. The cutting s have developed buds, but no roots as of yet. Ask me again in a few weeks.