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Premium Biochar

Premium Biochar

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They say that a teaspoon of biochar has the same surface area of up to two football fields. This means biochar is like a massive storage space in your garden for beneficial bacteria, fungi, nutrients, and water. Found in soils dating back tens of thousands of years, biochar has been found in, and is credited for creating unusually fertile patches in areas where the soil would typically be less productive. Using biochar can lead to better water usage, increased microbial activity, and improved plant growth.

What are some other reasons to be thrilled about biochar?

  • Long-Term Carbon Storage: Biochar's primary component is carbon. Due to its stability, biochar remains in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years, ensuring that carbon doesn't quickly release as CO2.
  • Soil Health Boost: Biochar not only enriches the soil but, by doing so, encourages plants to absorb more CO2. With its help, soils can retain essential water and nutrients better.
  • Fertilizer Savings: With biochar's ability to hold nutrients, you might find yourself needing less fertilizer. This means both cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint from nutrient runoff.
  • Water Conservation: Biochar aids in moisture retention, ensuring your plants can thrive even in drier conditions.
  • Biodiversity Benefits: Healthier soil can support a wider range of life, from microbes in the soil to the plants and animals above.
  • Soil Remediation: Biochar can bind to and neutralize certain contaminants, ensuring they're less available to plants and protecting groundwater.
  • Cost Efficiency: Better soil health means fewer expenses on fertilizers and water, beneficial for every gardener's wallet.

Our Biochar is crafted from 100% hardwood and boasts a 77% carbon content. It arrives uncharged, but don’t worry! Below, you'll find how to best prepare it for your garden. It is OMRI approved for use in organic systems.



Optimal Application Tips:

  • Plant Pots and seeding mixes: Mix 10% Biochar into your soil. It's perfect for pre-planting mixes or for adding to established plants.
  • Garden Beds: Distribute up to 1 cubic foot of Biochar for every 32 square feet. Mix it about 2-3 inches deep and keep the soil moist for a week.
  • Landscaping: Scatter around plants and mix. A pro tip: apply just before adding mulch. One cup is typically enough for most plants, but larger trees can use 1 cubic ft per 15 ft of drip edge. 
  • Lawns & Patches: After aerating, spread and mix Biochar into the soil. For best results, keep the area moist for a week.

Charging Your Biochar:

Biochar starts sterile due to its creation process and is like a sponge. You want it soaking up the good stuff not pulling the nutrients out of your existing soil. We include full instructions on how to charge your biochar but an easy way is to purchase our ULTRA prebiotic. Mix 1 part Ultra with 5 parts water then soak the biochar and let it sit for a week, ensuring it stays damp.

We will include full instructions on how to charge your biochar with your order or grab those here.


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