Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries

At the Farm on Central we are renowned for our exceptional strawberries that bring over 3,500 berry enthusiasts to our fields each year.  Whether you're a seasoned gardener or trying your hand at growing strawberries for the first time, we have the perfect options to suit your needs.

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Strawberry Growing Systems:

Understanding the different growing systems can help you choose the best method for your garden:

  1. Annual System: Perfect for gardeners who prefer to replant each year for the earlier harvest,  and high berry quality. This system involves planting bareroot or rooted plants each fall, harvesting the next spring, and typically terminating plants after fruiting. This is the main system we use here for our organically managed U-pick here in Ohio.
  2. Matted Row System: A traditional method favored for perennial strawberry patches. This system allows runners from the original plants to root and form a "matted" row of strawberry plants. It's best suited for larger garden spaces and those who wish to establish a long-term strawberry patch. The matted row system requires patience and care, as it takes a full year after planting before you can enjoy a harvest. However, the reward is a lush, productive strawberry patch that can produce fruit for several years with proper management.
  3. Everbearing System: Everbearing strawberries offer a unique advantage by producing two to three harvests throughout the growing season—spring, summer, and early fall. This system is perfect for those who wish to enjoy fresh strawberries across multiple seasons. Everbearing plants are typically planted in the spring, with careful attention to removing runners to focus the plant's energy on fruit production rather than spreading. Flavor is typically not as good as June bearing types.

Our Strawberry Plant Offerings:

  • Bareroot Plants: Our bareroot strawberry plants are ideal for those looking to establish their strawberry patch with hardy, ready-to-plant options. These plants are carefully selected for their health and vigor, ensuring a robust start to your berry-growing adventure. They are available in early spring or midsummer.
  • Rooted Plants: For those who prefer a more immediate approach, our rooted strawberry plants come with a well-established root system. Grown using organic methods right here at the Farm on Central, these plants are quicker to establish. These are available in spring for our overbearing varieties, or September-October for Annual bed system varieties.

Note to Our Customers:

Organic strawberry plants are often a challenge to source in small quantities, and not all websites that claim to offer organic plants live up to their promises. We encourage you to read each variety's specific information carefully. Our bare-root plants are conventionally grown, while our plugs are nurtured right here on the farm using organic soil and care methods from conventionally sourced plant material.

At the Farm on Central, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality strawberry plants and the knowledge you need to succeed. Whether you choose the annual system for its simplicity and flexibility or the matted row system for a more traditional, enduring patch, we're here to support your berry-growing journey.


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